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Staff Story – Milly

Staff Story – Milly

Meet Milly!

Born 25th July 1990 | Manager | 6 years at The Depot

Milly is the heart and soul of The team at our Beaumont St restaurant and has always been very passionate about who we are and what we do. Milly started working with us when she was 19, with no former experience, her entire training has been through The Depot. Milly has worked her way to the top, now managing The Depot on Beaumont as well as admin. Milly’s career goal is to eventually be able to go anywhere in the world, pick a restaurant she loves and walk in and manage it. Milly’s dream is to one day open up a Depot Restaurant in Melbourne with Chad and the team.

Chef Tip – How to cook your greens

Chef Tip – How to cook your greens

Chef Tip of the Week – ‘Don’t over cook your Greens’

Here’s our very first Chefs Tip for our blog and it’s a simple, yet commonly unknown to most people, on how to easily cook the best green vegetables at home.

How to cook your greens
For 300 grams of greens, bring approximately 4L of water to the boil. Add your greens and cook for no more than 45-60 seconds. Remove the vegetables from the boiling water and drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. It’s as simple as that!

Try it out, they taste amazing and bring out the colour of the greens so they are vibrant and fresh. They still have a crisp snap to them and a nice and hot served straight away. Most people steam there veggies for up to 10 minutes making them lose there colour (and also some good nutrients) and makes them soft.
Give this method a try, we guarantee you wont go back to the old way you cook your greens!